Real Life SMILE Moments in Senior Housing

Smile moments — when a resident smiles and the caregiver smiles.

These moments happen in senior housing communities every day; and yet they often go unnoticed. We had a wonderful opportunity to hear about many of these special smile moments.

We had the privilege of spending a few hours at a leadership team meeting of our client, Senior Housing. On-site Directors and Managers, Life Enrichment Coordinators and corporate executives from Senior Housing’s fifteen Iowa communities had convened in Marshalltown, IA.

While awaiting the opportunity to talk about how they are using our Smile™ technology, we heard about hundreds of smile moments when community leaders shared special life-enhancing moments of happening every day in their communities. These moments had been captured in photos and videos taken during the previous month. Celebrating and sharing these moments is an integral part of Senior Housing’s “Live Life to the Fullest” philosophy. I could feel the joy in the room.

But what about smile moments for families?

An ongoing challenge for many communities is finding ways to share these special moments with family and friends of loved ones; and to increase their engagement with residents and caregivers. While many residents receive regular visits, others have far-flung family and friends; and no one has their entire extended family close by.

At CarexTech, we’re committed to helping communities solve this challenge. We’ve identified the importance of the Engagement Triad and we’re committed to enhancing all of it’s the bonds; especially the bonds between the caregiving team and the resident’s family and friends.

The Senior Housing team is among a growing number of clients who use our Smile™ technology to share the everyday smile moments with family and friends. Through a HIPAA compliant, private portal, Senior Housing’s compassionate caregiving teams can immediately and regularly share resident experiences with family members — no matter where the family members are located.

Throughout our meeting, the team from Senior Housing commented about how Smile™ has contributed to better family engagement. Families stay connected to caregivers and staff, and both become more engaged in the lives of the residents. Even phone calls between families and residents result in richer conversations because the family knows about the daily life of their loved one. And studies show residents have a better quality of life when families remain involved.

It was a special day for us. It is one thing to talk about the benefits of Smile™. It is another to see the difference is makes. We loved learning from our client users as they shared how their communities can capture more ‘smile moments’ and how linking with families can help keep residents happy and fulfilled. We am more convinced than ever about the difference our technology makes in the lives of residents, family and caregivers — and in the success of our client communities.

How does your community encourage family and caregivers engage each other? Have you seen the positive results reported in research studies? We would love to hear your comments.

Team Smile™

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